The continuous expansion of CVS FERRARI and its superior quality products has now reached the Netherlands. Soon after the signing of MotracLinde as Sole Distributor of CVS FERRARI liftrucks for the Netherlands in August 2017, the first big truck made in Roveleto has been delivered in the harbour of Rotterdam.
The customer that has chosen MotracLinde and CVS FERRARI as solution to its internal transport challenges is FRANKLIN OFFSHORE EUROPE BV, a manufacturer and supplier of steel cable products and steel construction work for the offshore, maritime and industrial market and related services.
FRANKLIN OFFSHORE EUROPE BV Operations Manager Hans Coenen and HSEQ Manager Ray Wijn explain why they have made this choice: “ We enjoy the excellent MotracLinde’s service and support and we have verified that the CVS Ferrari FH32 with 32- tons of lifting capacity, meets all our requirements and wishes. At the moment, it is still possible to work with a Euro-4 diesel forklift truck in our hall, but with the Euro 5 engine of our Ferrari we are for the coming years in preparation for further tightening of environmental legislation. ”
The machine delivered to FRANKLIN EUROPE BV comes with its standard Load Scale, Load and Moment Indicator and Limiter, Speed Limiter, Increased Sound Suppression Package, Centralized and Automatic Greasing System.
MotracLinde, the channel to the Netherlands for the CVS FERRARI liftrucks is one of the oldest, best reputed and capillary spread material handling equipment organizations in the Netherlands and that following this first sale has already scored more orders that will soon be delivered. Stay tuned with CVS FERRARI website news to read more in the next coming weeks about more CVS FERRARI machines landing in the Netherlands.