CVS FERRARI launches Remote Monitoring System RMS
CVS FERRARI launches Remote Monitoring System RMS

Starting from July 1st 2018, CVS FERRARI will make available to its public a cloud based version of its unique Remote Monitoring System, in short referred as RMS.
RMS is a “next generation” telemetry and equipment & fleet activity analysis system, developed by CVS together with its strategic digital solutions development partner DATAMATIC and that, since its market debut two years back, has been so far available only in server resident version.
RMS offers unique and so far long unmatched functions when compared to the telemetry systems of the competition. In particular RMS enables the Real Time Monitoring of all the machine key functional parameters as well as their extensive tracking. Real Time Modelling of machine Status and in Cab Display is also granted along with Real Time Equipment and Fleet GPS Tracking.
A unique feature of RMS is certainly the Remote and Real Time Fault Diagnostic function that enables the real time remote interrogation of the machine on board computer system fault diagnostic tools. This feature marks and highlights a major distance between RMS and the likes offered by the competitors as RMS is a “two ways” communication system that not only enables the reception of information from the equipment, but that also enables the user to remotely perform functional tests on the machine while it is being used.
All relevant functional events occurred to the machine (like for example system faults and warnings or systems resetting), besides being communicated via e-mail in real time to defined information receivers, are recorded in an interactive data base Functional Log Book that provides a series of Equipment Reliability KPIs and Analysis Tools. Remarkably, the system also records the snapshot and remodelled dynamic tracking of the machines key functional parameters at time and just prior event’s occurrence.
The Live Operations Camera access is an option available through the addition of a fisheye digital camera that captures the driver’s front field of vision. SSD storage of weeks of operations footage is also an available option.
RMS offers some of its best and so far unrivalled features when it comes to the tracking and analysis of the operational activity performed by the machine and by the fleet of machines on which the system has been installed. The Operational Log Book. Uniquely, each and every load handling made by the machine is tracked and such that type/size of the handled load, weight, cycle travelled distance with and without load, burnt fuel, picking and stacking height and many other parameters are recorded and made available for big data elaboration. The picture of the load pick up and release as well as the equipment cycle route are captured and part of the recorded data pack.
The Operational Data Statistical Analysis function offered by RMS becomes therefore an extremely powerful tool for the breaking down of the equipment and fleet productivity usage and improvement, thanks to the many available data crossing and KPIs construction and graphic trend elaboration that the system provides.
It is therefore possible to select specific KPIs and numeric or graphic display formats to build up individual Equipment and/or Fleet Activity Reports that the system automatically puts together and sends to set e-mail addresses. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with reference to the previous period.
RMS will progressively completely migrate on the cloud as this modality greatly simplifies and eases the fruition of the system for all kind of users. The new RMS format includes a smartphone access version and soon the related App will also be downloadable off the main on line stores.