The 2018 edition of TOC Europe, held at Rotterdam Ahoy Exhibition Centre (June 12th – 14th), was deeply marked by the footprint of CVS FERRARI. The outdoor display area of the convention was dominated by the impressive presence of a 500.RS3 model Reach Stacker and by the 6 high single stage mast version of the HY-LIFT, the sensation hybrid empty container of CVS FERRARI handler whose industrial production has started in Q1/2018 at the Sorbolo Plant of the company.
Model HY08.6 is a possibly even more innovative version of the already technologically revolutionary HY-LIFT concept. With its single stage mast concept, the traditional middle section of the lifting mechanism has been eliminated and with that, the 5 ton of dead weight the machine has to carry around when moving and that it has to lift any time the spreader is lifted.
The return in terms of fuel consumption of this solution that is absolutely a first ever for high stacking container handlers, are evident and substantial. To the extent that this particular model of HY-LIFT, in the in house tests conducted by CVS FERRARI, has shown to be able, for most actual applications, to go below beyond 50% in the fuel consumption when compared to conventionally powered trucks.
The pay-out in terms of Total Cost of Ownership that this solution brings in are also very relevant, as the mast only comes with the 4 rollers of the carriage lifting the spreaders. That means half the life time cost related to rollers replacement and no need to dismantle the mast to make such replacement as it is instead a “must” with telescopic masts.
Furthermore, the length (hence the cost) of the ropes is half the length of the machine with telescopic mast and the replacement of the ropes can be completely performed from the ground without any assistance of man lifting and heavy load lifting equipment.
Finally yet importantly, the single stage mast machine, free from having to lift the dead weight of the middle section of the mast, features a lift speed that – optionally – can get to 1 m/sec, which is about double the lift speed of any conventional equivalent empty container handler.
With the introduction of this additional innovation quantum, CVS FERRARI is extending the efficiency and performance superiority leap of the HY-LIFT over the conventional mechanically driven and hydraulic lift cylinders based conventional trucks concept.
CVS FERRARI also displayed at TOC an F500.RS3 reach stacker featuring SOLAS certified VGM load scale capable to work “on the fly” and directly connected to the customer operations management database via its Remote Monitoring System. The RMS also adds on to the container verified gross mass a number of very useful data that include, among others, the size of the handled container and – where required – also the ID number.
The 2018 TOC Europe edition goes in the CVS FERRARI record books as one of the most successful ones in terms of attendance and interest received by the visiting public. Interest also measured at the TECH TOC session in which the company, though its Trade and Development Director Davide Bertozzi, presented the impressive factual results achieved by the HY-LIFT in terms of product performances and running costs slashing.
The appointment is now set for next year, same venue and week, where CVS FERRARI will present more industry transforming and game changing innovative products and solutions.