CVS-FERRARI - toploader
CVS-FERRARI - Toploader
CVS-FERRARI - Toploader
CVS-FERRARI - Toploader

The Port of Montreal is the Atlantic trade gateway of the Canadian and US Northern Mid West regions region and with its 1,5 million TEU handled volume it belongs to the top 100 world container ports club. This sizeable container traffic, majority of which is of the engaging “import” direction flow, is almost entirely worked out by two operators that since many years genuinely and respectfully compete; this way keeping the Port of Montreal efficient and capable to rival against other North American East Coast sea harbours.
These two operators are Montreal Gateway Terminals, formerly known as Cast-Racine from the names of the two stevedores that merged in the 90ies to form the present company and Termont. Two successful ventures that have historically differentiated their businesses profiles in more aspects than in those in which they have chased each other.
Yet, recently Termont and MGT have made the same decision when it came to selecting their supplier of laden Container Handling Toploaders. The decision was for both to buy CVS FERRARI Toploaders.
With a product specifically developed for the North American market, where container handing masted trucks are still in strong demand, that has sensibly lifted the level or performance of this machine typology, CVS FERRARI has won the preference of both MGT and Termont over their incumbent suppliers. MGT and Termont that have respectively ordered three and five units of CVS FERRARI Toploader model F555P and all the eight trucks have been landing in Montreal before the end of 2017, such that they could be equipped with Cummins QSM11 (Tier III) engine.
The CVS FERRARI Toploaders, that are now all working on the west bank of the Saint Laurence River at the Port of the Quebec capital city, are all fitted with 5×9’6’’stacking masts and are capable of 40 Ton capacity up to the maximum lifting height at the remarkable load centre of 1820 mm from the mast front edge.
Tagged with the TOPLIFT FERRARI brand, that distinguishes the CVS FERRARI product lines specified for the North American market, these trucks are fitted with many innovative and unprecedented features that make them the most advanced machines of their kind ever made before.
The hydraulic system of these amazing trucks includes electronic controlled variable displacement piston pumps and load sensing distribution valves, compensated hydraulic lift cylinders with regenerative system, separate and pressurized hydraulic and brake oil circuits and cooling systems with thermostatically controlled hydraulic fans.
The trucks also feature a unique -40 deg components, “no wire loom”, electric system with IP67 compliant aluminium, military spec connectors and stainless steel junction boxes, that has been designed to resist the harshest working conditions and greatly simplify service technicians’ life.
This very high tech components content is completed by a very powerful on-board computer system that includes a sophisticated static and dynamic load moment limiter, fuel efficiency optimization functions and a deep and extensive systems fault diagnostic.
All installed on a uniquely strong structure that features a 6,500 mm wheelbase chassis, huge 340 mm diameter lift mast rollers, 4,900 mm extra wide drive axle, 45 ton dynamic capacity massive steer axle with high steer angle range and 18.00×33 tires.
As such, the longitudinal and lateral stability of these trucks, as well as their lifting speeds and load-moment capacity are outperforming any other masted laden container handler that has ever rolled in a container park. Nonetheless, even the safety and operators aid features of these machines are of “reach stacker” standard, whilst their many “cold weather environment” unique characteristics make them ideal to resist the often-inclement environment conditions that they will encounter in their service life in Montreal.
These “top notch” quality “FERRARI” trucks purchased by MGT and TERMONT are backed by the impeccable and sudden service of the local based branch of Toplift Enterprises. Toplift Enterprises is the Sale and Service Dealer for Canada of Toplift North America, the CVS FERRARI importer for USA and Canada.