With the hand over of four Reach Stackers to TERMINALI ITALIA and two to SGT MERCITALIA, CVS FERRARI has completed the delivery spread over twelve months of twelve F500 Series Reach Stackers equipped with Combined Top and Bottom Pick Spreader.
TERMINALI ITALIA and SGT MERCITALIA are two Intermodal operators whose majority owner is GRUPPO FERROVIE DELLO STATO, the State company that owns the Italian Railway network.
TERMINALI ITALIA that ordered ten (10) CVS FERRARI units model F500.RS5 is offering a series of “last mile intermodal services” in 14 terminals spread across Italy from North to South, with the largest ones Verona Quadrante Europa and Milano Segrate.
SGT MERCITALIA operates instead a major rail-road freight modality exchange point in Pomezia, in the vicinity of Rome that is the market of reference for the customers of this intermodal operator. The company has opted for CVS FERRARI Reach Stacker model F500.RS4.
Both the models selected by these two customers are equipped with CVS FERRARI own design and manufacture Combined Top and Bottom Pick Telescopic Spreader. This spreader, completely built in high tensile strength steel that optimizes dead weight reduction and structural resistance and durability, features a number of engineering solutions that make it one of the most reliable and productive intermodal attachments for any kind of railway operation crane.
Both the operators have also opted for the CVS FERRARI exclusive and formidable REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM (RMS), that provides real time telemetry, productivity measurement and analysis as well as automatic events alert and periodic activity reporting. Interestingly, both operators have chosen to put RMS in direct communication with their resident Terminal Operating System, such that RMS detects load, balance of load, position on the train and automatically associates it to the container reference provided by the TOS, this way saving a number of operations that were before manually imputed.
Two more customers whose business gets a boost from the exceptional reliability, economy of run and productivity of the CVS FERRARI products.