The Zero Hour has finally arrived.
On March the 12th, 2018 the first production unit of the CVS FERRARI HY-LIFT hybrid powered product family has been delivered to its first customer and user and as such, it has officially been launched in the firmament of the container handling equipment, where it will very likely shine as one of the brightest stars ever.
HY-LIFT’s long developing and testing authorizes CVS FERRARI to believe that this machine will forever change not only the container handling liftrucks powering technology of reference, but indeed the entire approach of the buyers to the purchase of this type of equipment.
HY-LIFT is in fact able to generate operational savings a magnitude that buyers will inevitably shift their attention over the Total Cost of Ownership and the Return on investment, rather than on the mere purchasing price of the machinery.
Moreover, HY-LIFT takes this typology of equipment, traditionally powered by large and high emission generating internal combustion engines, into a completely different dimension of environmental friendship, thanks to its massively reduced emissions footprint.
With such a profile, the first HY-LIFT could have hardly landed into a better panel of first receivers as GLOBAL SERVICE and INTER REPAIRS NORD.
GLOBAL SERVICE S.r.l., the Port Services Provider to whom it has been supplied the first ever production series HY-LIFT, is one of the most successful full service container handling equipment rental houses in Italy.
INTER REPAIRS NORD, the customer of GLOBAL SERVICE is instead a growing reality of the Italian intermodal container handling sector, ever since engaged in the continuous “greening” of its operations.
Indeed even GLOBAL SERVICE is at the forefront of the environment protection policies for container handling systems, having participated in several EU promoted programs for the replacement of fossile fuels with alternative ones, like LNG and hydrogen.
Therefore, HY-LIFT represents the perfect match for the business mission and philosophy of GLOBAL SERVICE, that operates predominantly in the North West coastline of Italy by rendering a multitude of services to port and container handling businesses, among which is the rental with full service (but no driver) of the equipment.
GLOBAL SERVICE claims to work very close with its clients in the continuous research of the most efficient and tailor made solutions for their needs, allowing them to concentrate on their business in order to get the most out of it.
On the other hand, INTER REPAIRS NORD, whose growing business has taken the company to open shops in Malta and Albania, is a key container handling service provider for the Italian Railway System, and it is a long-standing client of GLOBAL SERVICE. The company operates very large property, located within the Interporto Toscano facility in Leghorn, the main railways hub of Tuscany.
GLOBAL SERVICE and INTER REPAIRS NORD, after having thoroughly scrutinized and verified the unique characteristics of this revolutionary equipment developed by CVS FERRARI, jointly decided that the tangible advantages offered by HY-LIFT in terms of running costs reduction, alongside its superior environmental sustainability were too attractive to be ignored.
The machine that GLOBAL SERVICE and INTET REPAIRS NORD jointly agreed to source from CVS FERRARI is an HY-LIFT model HY08.8 fitted with a single stack spreader capable of stacking one standard (8’6’’) container over seven (7) boxes of the same size. This being a major change for the operation of the yard that currently stacks at five (5) high maximum.
Yet, both the buyer and the user of HY-LIFT felt very comfortable in making this choice, after having tested the lightening lift speed and the superior stability of HY-LIFT, that are all what was needed to keep the high productivity standards of the current operation, whilst sensibly increasing (up to 60% more) its current throughput capacity.
The Game Changer of the Empty Container Handling businesses has arrived.
A new era has officially begun for the container handling liftrucks industry.