ECO-CVS is the name we have given to our pledge to make CVS FERRARI a ecofriendly business entity, which means being an active agent of the transition to more sustainable products, manufacturing processes and operating systems. CVS FERRARI has undertaken the mission to solely offer – in time – products capable of reduced emissions or zero emissions of CO2, particulate and noise. Our products will continuously minimize the production of exhausted oil and filters and will be built with the highest possible content of recyclable material. Furthermore, CVS FERRARI will keep on investing in its facilities, which are already partly covered with roof top solar panels and fitted with high energy effciency lighting and heating, to keep on reducing its manufacturing activities environmental impact. Then we are organizing our daily operations to consume the list possible paper, and water and to keep on raising the share of differentiated waste collection and recycling. Because green is the color of our commitment to the future generations of employees, customers, product users and business associates.