LIFT EQUIPT Ltd. is the Western Australia distributor for CVS FERRARI products and – among other businesses that this dynamic company runs – they are systematically grooving in the Container Handling Equipment Full Service Rental. For its 2022 coming up contracts Lift Equipt, which already has a dozen of
CVS FERRARI Reach Stackers and conventional drive Empty Container Handlers, has ordered CVS FERRARI two F500.RS2-V Reach Stackers and two Hybrid Drive Empty Container Handlers, Hy-Lift Series, model HY11.7DS, capable to stack 2 x 8’6’’ containers over 6 (or 2 x 9’6’’ containers over 5) with a max capacity of
11 Ton. The units are all to be delivered within the course of 2022. Brett Johnstone, the Managing Director and owner of LIFT EQUIPT Ltd. commented that the choice has gone for these new breed of CVS FERRARI Equipment as they are clearly designed and built to massively cut the their TCO for the applications they
are destined to and that this is most of what matters for both a rental house and the end user. The major environmental footprint reduction is also a very important unique feature of the machines specified by Lift Equipt feature; especially for what concerns the Hybrid ECHs. The constantly growing demand for lower emissions machinery has also been stated to be a major driver of Lift Equipt selection.

Update at 18th july 2022