Indorama Ventures is a Thailand origin and ownership global giant of chemical base and finished products that employs in excess of 14,000 people in as many as 75 plants around the world. Among its finished products are the PET bottles and the chemical textile fibres that add up to the production of key substances required for the production of plastics, in which this giant corporation is a world leader.

The production of these chemical ingredients for plastics is in some cases a “24/7” continuous process that can never be stopped if not at the cost of huge value losses. This is the case of the Turkish operation of Indorama, based in Corlu, on the European enclave of Turkey, where raw chemicals that arrive in containers at the factory, have to be continuously loaded on the conveyor belts that enters them in the non stop production process of the factory.

For this reason the container handling equipment reliability is a fundamental element of the whole business concept; and for the same reason Indorama keeps on relying on CVS FERRARI for the raw material feeding of its Turkish continuous production plant.

It all started fifteen years ago, when the factory was established. At that time the company purchased a CVS FERRARI F278 model, which carried on operations so well that in 2010 the company went on and purchased a second CVS FERRARI Reach Stacker, a F478 model.

The exceptional equipment reliability and the sudden service back up that CVS FERRARI has given to this customer were then the drivers of the latest reach stacker purchase made by Indorama in 2017 to support its growing material handling requirements at its Turkish plant expanding business.

So a F500.RS3 joined in fall 2017 the two previously delivered CVS FERRARI Reach Stackers as the new front liner of the operations’ container handling equipment fleet.

The excellent service in terms of competence and speed of response granted by the Turkish official dealer of CVS FERRARI is a pivotal element of the customer full satisfaction. ALP PORT SOLUTIONS is a young and dynamic company that with its professionalism and full dedication to the customers is adding major value to the CVS FERRARI product proposition.

Led and managed by two long port equipment industry experts, Emre Ozmus and Mehmet Korman that are also co-owners of the company, ALP has quickly developed in the last few years as one of the most active and appreciated port equipment service companies in the country. ALP, whose headquarters are located in Manisa, near Izmir, has so far established four different service bases in Turkey with and employs a total staff of 45, of which 21 are highly skilled engineers.

CVS FERRARI and ALP PORT SOLUTIONS: top quality product and top quality service. The obvious choice for leading value conscious users like Indorama Industries. Remain in touch with CVS FERRARI News to know of more upcoming prestigious deliveries ongoing in Turkey.